Show 585: Come Line With Me – 7th August, Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Setting: The Abilene, Texas, World Line-Dancing Championships

Line-dancing championships are a seething mixture of skill and ambition – this one is being fought for the Golden Boot and the $10,000 prize. Although teams come from all over the world to prove their worth, the top two contenders are both American and both comprise three-person teams: the Wilburs: grandmother, mother and daughter; and the Mitchums: grandfather, father and son.

As the competition hots up, we discover that the Wilbur daughter and Mitchum son are engaged in a secret affair. The Mitchum grandfather and Wilbur grandmother manage to put their past behind them and rekindle their old flame. But will the Wilbur mother and Mitchum father be able to put aside their old emnity for the sake of family unity. How important can winning be?