Show 493: Crowning Glory, 27th April, Udderbelly Festival, South Bank, London

Setting: A maternity ward in a modern-day hospital

Obstetrician Dr Peaches* Stephenson believes in natural births. Ambitious Dr David Wilson, working  in the same ward, believes in the heavy use of drugs to assist birth and relieve pain.  Their professional rivalry is only matched by their personal emnity – they used to be lovers but it ended badly.

As they prepare for a scientific trial that will guarantee the career of only one of the two opposing doctors, Stephenson starts to be seriously affected by the fact that she can never have a child. Meanwhile Wilson’s ambition leads to success but also loneliness.

In their search for success and happiness they meet psychic morticians, the personification of death, dodgy pharmaceutical companies and hundreds upon hundreds of high-speed births.

* Actually we never found out her real first name. This is a stand in.