Show 168 To Bleed or Not To Bleed, Saturday 10th July, Salford Lowry

Saturday 10th July, Salford Lowry
Red Vampires! Gavroche, Victor and John (as they are know at night) are the last communist vampires living under Lake Windermere in an asylum. Gavroche is in the “shaking time” – the time between human and vampire – and his blood is blue. Lord Standfast Faversham wants to marry his friend The Bishop’s daughter, Emily, but she is in love with the Boy she has seen fishing at 3am – the only man who ever listens to her. Will Emily marry Faversham to save her father, or will Gavroche’s blood turn red with love? Will Victor allow Gavroche to be human or will he always follow him around as a fly? Will John ever stop be distracted by the moon? And how exactly do the Bishop and Faversham feel about each other? Smithers knows all the hidden tunnels to the African room – where else would you sing about the Carvery Knife?