Show 160 A Tsar Is Born, Sunday 6th June, Udderbelly

Sunday 6th June, Udderbelly
Pregnant alcoholic Katerina has been taken in by kindly Vlad in the Smirnoff cafe. All she has is a crumpled photograph and a fear of the sound of breaking glass. Dostoyevski and Sophia Dostoyevski offer to help her, after speaking with the Holy Father in the Cathedral, but what secret do they hide, and will they stop at nothing to provide a new Tsar for “Mother Russia”, even though Tsar Pavel is a drunk, with a barren wife? Who is the cat-like father of Katerina’s child and will Katerina drag her beloved Vlad down with her or save him by giving up her baby, Babooshka, named after her grandmother?
“Ding dong, twelve o’clock, I’m the crucifixion clock!”